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Frequently Asked Questions
Türk Free Trade Zone ( is an international free trade site established so that companies display their products and do national and international business. Turk Free Trade Zone web site is a B2B site between companies, please do not use it for your classified advertisements. You can place your classified advertisements in Telerehber yellow pages. For your classified advertisements ...

1- Product - Demand Entry
2- Member Registration
3- Member Password
4- Company Information
5- Update Member Information
6- Receiving and Making Bids

1- Product - Demand Entry
Please first go to the related sector to display your products in Türk Serbest Bölgesi (, and then press the Product/Demand Entry button and enter your products or demands.
You can use Sector Search at the bottom of each page to find the related sector. If you cannot find the suitable sector for you please write to TurkFreeZone for a new sector.
Products and demands entered are first checked and then pass on for featuring. Inappropriate entries shall be cancelled.
Please enter your product and demand information accurately. Doing so will ensure that you receive more qualified bids and establish your commercial connections more swiftly. You can enter your product and demand information in any language... We advice you to fill in English if your bid targets abroad. As you already know, TSB is featured both in English and Turkish, and supplies and demands are the same in both languages.
Products and demands shall be on disclosure until their date of validity. Demands the validity dates of which are due shall be no longer disclosed. If you would like any demand or product not to be featured, all you should do is selecting a Validity Date before the present date. If you would like that your products and demands to be featured again, you should extend the validity date of your product or demand if its validity date is due.
You may also display your product photos as well as your product bids in Turk Free Trade Zone web site.
Please upgrade your membership to GOLD, PLATINIUM or VIP . Free members can broadcast Product images and Spot product in return a payment. Product image fee is 25 USD for free members.
GOLD, PLATINIUM and VIP members can broadcast all products with images.
Should you want your product be displayed as a spot product (with a photo) in any category page, the fee for such a service is 25 USD/Month. You can make this operation on internet as online.
The fee for displaying in spot products list in the main menu is 100 USD /Month.
Please contact Telmar for these services.

2- Member Registration
You need to be a member so that you can place a product-demand and make a counter bid to the product-demand returned to you in Turk Free Trade Center ( Membership is free of charge and does not include any responsibility in your part.
Visitors who are not registered yet may only view the products and demands. Business through TurkFreeZone.Com is only done among member companies.
E-mail address you enter while you fill in the registration form should definitely be an accurate one you frequently follow.
Because this e-mail address shall be your membership name in TurkFreeZone.Com and all correspondences about the bids shall be sent to this address. E-mail addresses are not available for the visitors and also not displayed to the visitors as company information. Communication in TurkFreeZone.Com is safe.

3- Password
Password required while filling in the registration form is NOT your e-mail password; it is your password you will use in TurkFreeZone.Com.
Should you forget your password, please select I forgot my password option, and your password shall be immediately sent to your e-mail address.
You can change your password at any time from password update menu.

4- Company Information
You should definitely check the accuracy of your company information you enter while filling in the registration form, because this information will be displayed next to your supplies-demands and in companies section and it will be the first reference for companies who would like to do business with you.

5- Update Member Information
Should you need to change your company information you entered before, you can access from here and change all information.

6- Receiving and Making Bids
You can make bids for the products displayed in Turk Free Trade Zone (TurkFreeZone) and also receive bids for the products and demands you display. Bids given shall be received in Turkish language by Turkish companies and in English language by other countries. That is, all bids for the products and demands of Turkish companies regardless whether from Turkish or English segment will be in English in the subject section, and any bid form filled for the product of a foreign company will be displayed by the receiving party in English in the subject section.

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