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1- All visitors agree to the terms of use upon entry and registration in www.TurkFreeZone.Com Website.

2- TurkFreeZone.Com includes free and fee-based services. TurkFreeZone.Com reserves the right to make free services fee-based and vice versa. TurkFreeZone.Com reserves the right to remove some of the services permanently or temporarily.

3- TurkFreeZone.Com is a B2B web site. While registering, companies aim at connecting trade connections by promoting their company and products. TurkFreeZone.Com shall not be responsible should the parties fail to fulfill their obligations arising from commercial connections and business established through this site. Responsibilities arising from accurateness or inaccuracy of the information companies provide are on part of the companies.

4- Information companies provide during registration in TurkFreeZone.Com are open to visits of all TurkFreeZone.Com users and visitors. The responsibility of this information is on part of the company. Information related to other companies, brands or users or information, which harms and offends TurkFreeZone.Com shall not be featured. Decision regarding which information shall be featured or not is at TurkFreeZone.Com’s disposal.

5- While registering, companies agree to providing accurate and true information related to their products and services. Should any company gives inaccurate or incomplete information, it is at TurkFreeZone.Com’s disposal to stop featuring the whole or a part of the company information.

6- Any company which registers in TurkFreeZone.Com, agrees to the public disclosure of the information provided in the registration form (business information such as company title, address, phone- fax, company, product or services) and also agrees that all users and visitors may contact (products-demands) the company through the e-mail address provided. The companies already register in TurkFreeZone.Com and give their company information so that they establish business connections with other visitors and users.

7- The company agrees that all the company and product information provided during filling the registration form in TurkFreeZone.Com shall not
- be fake and inaccurate
- be plagiarized or copied
- include any content in offensive nature for any other company, product, brand or user
- cause unfair competition
- include pornography
- include software or viruses harmful for others and TurkFreeZone.Com
- include SPAM risk for TurkFreeZone.Com members.

8- TurkFreeZone.Com reserves the right to duplicate and release in any media (magnetic, hardcopy, CD, etc.) the information given during registration by the companies as long as the privacy principles are concerned.

9- Visitors and members have the right to establish commercial connections using the information open to the users in TurkFreeZone.Com . However, no member or user has the right to copy, duplicate or sell the whole or a part of the information in TurkFreeZone.Com Website using any kind of software. No user or member has the right of trying to harm or giving harm to the information in TurkFreeZone.Com or may alter other companies’ information. Besides, no user or member has the right to monitor correspondence between other companies. Any contrary action shall constitute a crime.

10- Those who do not comply with the terms of use shall be first warned by the site administrator and upon continuation of such an action their registration in TurkFreeZone.Com shall be cancelled and necessary legal steps shall be taken.

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