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Broadcasting Commercial Offers/Demands, Searching, Request members may broadcast their offers/demands in relevant sectors.
All the visitors can see offers/demands broadcasted and data about the companies, which left the goods/demands, whether they are members or not.
Being a member is required and sufficient to leave and broadcast offers/demands and give a counter request to a demand.
Only members can make commercial actions on The requests, which have come for offers/demands, and massages for the companies, are sent to the mail addresses given by the members at registration.
For this reason, please make sure that the e-mail address for your membership is active and you always use.
Membership is free.

Accessing Company Information is not a company guide. You can access information about a company by searching either offers/demands section or companies section, get information about the company and send massage to the company.

Leaving Offer/Demand members may broadcast their commercial demands/offers such as purchasing/selling/cooperation in relevant sectors.
Every commercial demand is broadcasted after checking and confirming.
Free standard members can broadcast one good.
There is not any restriction for counter request given to commercial demands.
Gold, platinum and VIP members can display more products than one and benefit by other many advantageous services.

Broadcasting Products on the Showcase

Productss on the showcase are broadcasted with images at first during listing offers/demands on in every sector.
Products on the showcase are first conspicuous in that sector and product searching and they take most number of requests.
Broadcasting their products on the showcase is a service for Gold, Platinum and VIP members.

E- Catalog

Your company’s virtual on line catalog will be established when you enter your products, information about your productss and their images on without requiring any other procedure.
A web site is formed for your company in the companies’ section and your logo, your company information, your communication information, and your e- catalog is broadcasted.
Members may enter new products, enter and change their products and company information on the internet, upload their product images and logos on the internet.

Spot Products members may broadcast their productss on the Spot Products bulletin board.
The products, their imagess and brief information about the products are broadcasted on the Spot Products bulletin board.
The Spot Products bulletin board makes sell. Everybody is looking at the spot products bulletin board at first.
Spot products are for a limited time and subject to charge.

Trade Alert System members (Gold, Platinum and VIP) are made know immediately about any kind of commercial demands come in five sectors, which they are interested in, by the Trade Alert System.
When the offers/demand is confirmed and taken into broadcasting, the system sends alert messages to the e-mail addresses of the Trade Alert System members relevant to the sector,

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